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AON Title History

AON PA Champions

Zakk Ramses (Current since 7/23/2022)
~Jai Kole (399 Days)~
~Shane Malice (589 Days)~

~"ISP" Israel Sharif Phakur (77 Days)~

AON 814 Champions

Won by Tad Jarvis on 9/2/2023 and renamed the 814 Wrestling 814 Title
~John Washington (90 Days)~
~Cizzko (183 Days)~

~Sledge Gibson (245 Days)~
~Man-Child (147 Days)~

AON Legacy Champions

Merged with the AON PA Title on 6/19/2021
~Jai Kole (113 Days)~
~Dame (105 Days)~

~Shane Malice (427 Days)~
~Mambo Italiano (49 Days)~

AON Gemini Champions / AON Tag Team Champions

Retired on 9/2/2023 when they were merged with the Eclipse Tag Team Titles to create the 814 Wrestling Tag Team Titles
~Grapital Vices (J-Sin & Wes Rogers) (637 Days)~
~The AON Gemini Titles were retired and replaced with the AON Tag Team Titles~

~Starlight Gaze (Tyler Caton & Travis DuFour) (140 Days)~
~The Regulators (David Hetfield & Robert Wright) (665 Days)~
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