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Phoenix Pro Grand Champions

Vacated due to Doug Delicious injury, retired on 11/9/2019
~Doug Delicious (77 Days)~
~Relinquished by Randall Fareway due to injury on 8/24/2019~

~Randall Fareway (171 Days)~
~Man-Child (441 Days)~
~Shane Malice (147 Days)~
~Travis Dufour (230 Days)~
~Tyler Caton (597 Days)~
~Robbie Paige (147 Days)~

Phoenix Pro Legacy Champions

Mad Maxx Morrison, having won the Phoenix Pro Legacy and the Eclipse Legacy Titles, discarded the Phoenix Pro Legacy Title Belt. Mambo Italiano found, and claimed, it. On 8/24/2019 it was renamed the AON Legacy Title.
~Mambo Italiano (203 Days)~
~Sherrod Hall (1 Min.)~
~Tyler Caton (245 Days)~
~Randall Fareway (29 Days)~
~Black Lightning (181 Days)~
~Randall Fareway (273 Days)~
~Psycho Fusion (203 Days)~
~Zack Rayne (63 Days)~
~Bronco McBride (197 Days)~
~Zack Rayne (307 Days)~

Phoenix Pro Gemini Champions

Retired on 4/20/2019
~Home Invasion / Dishonor (329 Days)~
~Beach Bums (147 Days)~

~Cash Masters (203 Days)~
~Impeccables (441 Days)~
~Marcus Cage & Man-Child (882 Days)~
~Starlight Gaze (Tyler Caton & Travis DuFour) (371 Days)~

Phoenix Pro LaFemme Champions

Became the Eclipse LeFemme Title on 1/5/2019, when Sahara 7 defeated Gemma Cross
~Gemma Cross (476 Days)~
~Aria Cadenza (364 Days)~

~Nikki Addams (49 Days)~
~Brittany Force (245 Days)~
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